Olofsfors GmbH now in Simmozheim, Germany - Olofsfors

Olofsfors GmbH now in Simmozheim, Germany

20 octobre 2021

Olofsfors GmbH now in Simmozheim, Germany

On October 9, the opening ceremony of the new Olofsfors facility in Germany took place.

After hard work and multiple struggles, it was a successful opening celebration.
We are proud to welcome the German team to this new location, which will add access for all our amazing customers in Europe.

We are all looking forward to the thriving future of this site and please join us in wishing them all the best!

To get in contact with Olofsfors GmbH or any of our other local offices, contact us

Olofsfors GmbH Team

The Olofsfors GmbH Team, from the left;
Marc Sieger, Gaby Rexer, Marwan Souliman, Katharina Fuchslocher (Translator of speeches) and
Bernd Fuchslocher.

Olofsfors AB - Siège

Téléphone: +46 (0) 930-311 40
Email: info@olofsfors.se


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