Welcome to Olofsfors’ whistle-blower function

Olofsfors AB is keen to promote a healthy work environment and corporate transparency. It is therefore important that we are made aware of and can investigate at the earliest possible opportunity any suspected irregularities that may harm our employees or our business. To this end, we encourage our employees to report any suspicions of serious work-related irregularities within Olofsfors AB to our whistle-blower function, Puls+.


The purpose of our whistle-blower function is to help employees to safely report irregularities.


As a whistle-blower, you can always choose to remain anonymous when reporting irregularities. All cases are handled confidentially by the Puls+ whistle-blower function.

Who can make a report?

Protection for whistle-blowers extends to everyone who in some way represents or is otherwise involved in our organisation in a professional capacity. This includes directors, shareholders who work in the company, all permanent, fixed-term, full-time or part-time employees, anyone on a work placement, and all consultants, volunteers and agency staff.

What can I report?

A whistle-blower function is intended for warning of and dealing with risks and irregularities that may have an adverse impact on people, our organisation, society or the environment. Reports may deal with work-related criminal activity, irregularities and breaches of EU or national legislation, including:

  • corruption and financial irregularities, such as bribery, anticompetitive practices, money laundering, fraud and conflict of interest;
  • health and safety offences, such as work environment legislation and regulation, discrimination and harassment;
  • environmental offences;
  • violations of the right to privacy, such as the misuse of personal data; 
  • transport safety; or
  • network and information security.

A report submitted to the whistle-blower function must be based on specific suspicions. You need not have evidence, but your accusation must not be malicious or knowingly false. Nor may a report be made solely on the basis of rumour or hearsay. 

There are legal restrictions on what you are permitted to report. For example, whistle-blowing does not cover general dissatisfaction with the workplace, how the business is run, leadership style, pay or other HR matters, alcohol and drug misuse, minor work environment issues or other matters that should be reported via Olofsfors AB’s routine reporting channels.

Your report should contain the following information:

  • The type of irregularity you wish to report.
  • Where the incident(s) took place.
  • When the incident(s) took place. Please state the time and dates if you have witnessed repeated irregularities.
  • Any documentation, or references to documentation if you do not have access personally. State the type of documentation involved and where it can be found.
  • Information concerning any other measures you may have taken with regard to the incident(s).

Do not include any personal data unless it has a direct bearing on your report. If your report contains personal data deemed to be irrelevant to investigating the matter, it may be deleted without informing you.

How case management works

Incoming cases are handled without delay. All reports are assigned a unique case ID and you will be given a password so that you can log in to follow progress and receive feedback. Depending on the nature of the case, it may be the subject of an internal or external investigation. Only the administrator appointed by Olofsfors AB is authorised to deal with whistle-blower cases. Feedback on the investigation and any measures taken will be provided within three months of the report being registered.

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